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Ever wondered why people come to your website but not purchase anything! There might be a huge number of visitors coming to your website but simply moving on after hours of survey. Moreover, you cannot trace who came from where and what could have been his purpose? In these situations, analyzing the visitor’s traffic and their requirements could be the best bet. Additionally, being able to solve any issue or doubts that are in visitor’s mind would not only help them but also increase your business.

By downloading a perfect live help tool, you can not only perform a Web Chat but also keep track of every visitor on the website. eAssistance Pro is a dynamic and user-friendly Live Help Tool that enables users to do real-time monitoring of all the visitors and chat with as many as required. eAssistance Pro is the cheapest and easiest way to convert visitors into customers.

Several chat Button codes provided by Online Live Help Tool allow huge flexibility to the user. The Admin can choose the Chat Button code according to his needs and put that to web-sites at appropriate location. Furthermore, the Chat Button code can be placed on one or many web pages as required. eAssistance Pro is supported by almost all CMS or e-commerce applications and plug-ins are available that enable easy chat services to your website.

Login as many instances of Standalone Operator Console from your computer system. The number of instances you logged-in from the system, the exact number of icons of eAssistance Pro will get displayed in the Windows System tray. Get complete details for the Referrer from where the visitor landed on your website including URL and icons based on the keywords extracted from popular search engines such as Bing, AOL, Ask, Google, Mamma, Lycos, Blekko, DuckDuckGo, Yondex, Yahoo, Baidu, eBay, Wikipedia, and MyWebSearch.

System Requirements

  • Operating System  : Windows 95, 98, Windows ME/ NT/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • Resolution : Minimum 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • Color : Minimum 256 colors
  • RAM : Minimum 32 MB free space (512 MB recommended)
  • HDD : 32 MB free space

Live Help Tool – Benefits Offered :

  • Multiple instances of operator console can be logged in from a single system.
  • Visitor footprints and visitor track records get generated even when operators are not logged in.
  • Spell Check, intelligent dictionary, Auto-suggest and pre-defined options help user to type easily.
  • Enables other marketing tools such as proactive chatting, AIO analysis, AOV enhancements, online marketing.
  • Allows centralized control alongwith providing secure, reliable and easy integration.
  • Offered Web-based Operator Console allows providing instant support to website visitors through any web browser and any operating system.
  • Admin can decide whether to send Auto Chat Invitations to website visitors or not, allows/disallow website visitors from uploading a file while chatting, mailing chat transcript, submit post chat survey and print chat conversation.
  • Supports multiple languages to cater needs of native users from all around the globe. Countries following Right-to-Left writing pattern (Middle-east countries) can easily chat in their native format using this Live Chat Software.

Trial Edition Available

Try the free trial version of eAssistance Pro to use all functionalities for 15 days before purchasing. This Live Chat Help Tool has all functionalities, except one that is, user cannot add operator and he can create only one new department in it. User can only add one operator and two departments. User must create an account and use the free edition for a definite period. Once satisfied with the product, he/she may proceed towards complete purchase!

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Live Help Tool Features

  • Allows multiple live support chat sessions with visitors, easy file transfer and canned responses alongwith the translation.
  • Enables real time visitor monitoring and security filtering
  • Shows Geo location map of the visitor and allows you to perform web-based monitoring easily.
  • Native Operator Console helps the user to customize the operator console and perform collaborative chat alongwith co-browsing.
  • It also allows customization and branding of chat button, operator console, chat window and greeting messages.
  • Spell checker, intelligent dictionary, Auto-suggest and pre-defined options help user to type easily.
  • Traffic stats enable user to monitor websites, visitor statistics, page traffic leads.
  • User can perform website traffic analysis as well.
  • The Geo Mapping functionality presents a clear view of geographical location, better resource alignment and Geo tracking.
  • Web-based Operator Console fully supports all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. and all available operating system platforms.
  • Provides option to set time zone to display chat as per the selected time zone.
  • Allows Admin to preset the auto-response for Offline messages that will automatically address the visitor instantly and later operators can provide solution as per the case.
  • Admin can enable/disable display of the online/offline chat icon from website as per their discretion.
  • Offers customized waiting message that gets displayed until the chat request initiated by visitors is accepted.
  • Facilitates customized survey messages which gets displayed upon the end of a successful chat session.
  • Offers a Search bar in the Visitor section to let users look for any specific information using any keyword present in the section.
  • Allows copying and saving visitor details for future reference.
  • Available for a 15 days free trial.

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